Astro Offshore is committed to providing efficient and economic services in the field of ship management and operations.

Our vessels are kept well maintained, reliable and equipped to meet and exceed our customer expectations. Manned by technically proficient marine crew, Astro vessels consistently fulfill client, class and flag requirements.

The Quality Management System within Astro Offshore is implemented in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 requirements.


Astro Offshore Pte Ltd has identified several key components in its sphere of operations that are of paramount importance to the company, with particular emphasis regarding three concerns; Health, Safety and the Environment. It is the policy of Astro Offshore Pte Ltd to provide healthy and safe working conditions and to prevent pollution as a direct result of our operations wherever possible. These issues are of strategic importance to our business, our shareholders and our ability to have a positive impact, not just within our company and industry, but to the world at large.


  • To Provide Safe Practices in Ship Management, Chartering and Operational Environments
  • To Prevent injury and ill health
  • Establish safeguards against identified risks and pollution to the marine environment
  • To Prevent Pollution

All Employees are expected to comply with the Health, Safety and Environment Policy at all times and to take necessary precautions to protect themselves, their colleagues and the environment.


Astro Offshore Pte Ltd integrates its HSE objectives and policies into business planning, decision making, performance tracking and review processes to ensure compliance to ISO 14001:2004 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 and to all applicable legal requirements, in order to achieve and continually improve set goals. Our onboard safety management system is Bureau Veritas accredited and compliant, and internally assessed and monitored on a continuous basis.